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[Basic] A perfect plan for growing schools, with a small investment manage almost everything for your school. All features are available with a rich students count upto 300 .


[Advanced] An exceptional plan for well established schools, it makes perfect when you can use all the features of the software with no restriction. This plan perfectly meets your need to use the complete software for unlimited student records .

The Most Advanced School Management Software

A complete cloud based software solution built to facilitate every school to automate their system and standout in the competition.





School Management Software -Key Features...

Special Feature (Image Cropper) :

  • Cropping image just a click away.
  • Facilitates selection of individual image from group photo.
  • Reduces workload of collecting every individual's photo.
  • Improves software performance by reducing the size of actual image.
  • No need to go for a passport size, easily grab image from your casual photo.
  • No compromise with quality, functionality handles it automatically.
  • Very easy to handle and performs exceptional.

Special Features (Marksheet Builder) :

  • Build Mark Sheet Templates.
  • Define columns and the arithmetical operations among them.
  • Generate Mark Sheet as per requirement.
  • Generate Grades of students as per exam results for particular subjects.
  • Generate Ranks of students for particular subjects.

Special Feature (Document Generator) :

  • Exclusively built for generating hard copies of prebuilt documents.
  • Generate the hard copies of the documents created in Document Master.
  • Generate hard copies of identity cards.
  • Generate hard copies of leaving certificates.
  • Generate hard copies of character certificates.

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