Behaviour, Discipline, Focus, Honesty and Obedience are the key ingredients of a good student. Although being a student is a short term period in a man’s life but is definitely essential because this is the period when the seed for a prosperous future is sown. It is rightly said that students are the future of this world. So when a student raises his standards with all such supreme features, he/she then can be called the ‘perfect future’. A nation with such high standard individuals can never be deprived off success and fame.

However in the present world, these aspects have been decaying continually on the side of the students. If this goes on then a healthy relationship between teachers and students can never be maintained which will result in a gloomy reflection of the respective nation. When an individual steps in the student life, certain responsibilities fall on his/her shoulders. Hence a student must adhere to all such responsibilities in order to build up his/her life and eventually the nation.

Primary Responsibilities:-
  • Towards School
  • Towards Teachers
  • Towards Elders
  • Towards Society
Responsibilities Towards School:-
  • Punctuality
  • Maintaining Discipline
  • Taking care that nothing and no one is harmed within the school campus
  • Obeying the rules and the elders
  • Maintaining friendly relation with the peer group
Responsibilities Towards Teachers:-
  • Obeying the teachers
  • Co-operation in course completion
  • Prompt completion of task assigned
Responsibilities Towards Society:-
  • Being an active member of the society and providing a helping hand to the needy or whenever situation demands
  • Taking active role in educational campaigns
  • Sharing knowledge with those who is deprived off literacy
  • Taking apt steps in fighting anti-social activities
  • Vowing solemnly to eradicate drug and drinks addiction in the respective and nearby localities
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