Online Application

Online Application
Online Application (Pending, Shortlist, Approved & Rejected)

SchoolTonic™ gives you an advantage of reducing your manual admission process. There are different ways a School can promote their admission cycle:

• The software provides you an online application link, which can be used in school’s website or can be shared with applicants.

• School’s can configure their admission based on (Session, Class, Section, Date & Time) in SchoolTonic™ software. We have a admission portal https://admission. where all the open admission’s from different schools using SchoolTonic™ will be listed.

• Fill in the Application form through SchoolTonic™ software panel. This can help the school Admin to feed the manual forms into the software for further decision.

School can easily manage the application within the software and either can Shortlist, Approve or Reject the pending applications.


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