Insightful Report

Insightful Report
Insightful Report

SchoolTonic™ reports section is a deeply planned module. Not just static reports from the system, in fact you can add your own query to generate dynamic reports. Some of the various reports are:

• Fee Collection: Generate the reports of the fee collected with respect to each student by the help of this module. View all the report of the paid/unpaid fees, discounts or failure of the fees. Generate the receipt even of the fee collection reports.

• Fee Schedule: View the detailed report of the expected fee to be collected exclusively from each section.

• Generic Mark Sheet Report: Generate the mark sheet report of all the students for all the different exams conducted.

•Template Mark Sheet Report: Generate the mark sheet reports of the students with multiple columns according to the different configured templates.

• Consolidated Mark Sheet Report: View the report of the mark sheets collectively based on a particular configured template for all the students of any particular section.

• Transcript Report: Generate the mark sheet reports of any particular student collectively for all the exams conducted.

• Student Information: Generate report of the detailed information related to the students using this module.

• School Strength: View and generate the school strength report with the help of this module.

• Student Performance: View and generate the report of the student performance with accord to different exams conducted in a detailed structure.


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